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Home Energy LLC, a full service renewable energy contractor specializing in education, sales, installation and service, has been helping people worldwide make use of the sun and wind's inexhaustible sources of energy for over a decade. We specialize in solar electric and wind systems - grid-tie or off-grid - solar thermal systems, and battery back-up systems utilizing power inverters for residential, commercial, educational and non-profit customers.

Whether you are just beginning or you know exactly what you want, Home Energy can help! We carry an extensive line of Renewable Energy products. Our team includes professionals experienced and licensed in designing, installing and servicing Renewable Energy systems. We provide technical expertise with unmatched customer service.

Solar Panels on Metal RoofPartnering with Home Energy LLC, Master Steel Roofing will provide you with a beautiful, long-lasting roof that is recyclable, energy efficient and energy producing! Master Steel Roofing can size and cut roofing to exact specification onsite, and before installing, Home Energy is able to install specially designed solar modules by Uni-Solar for metal roofs (pictured left). The result is a beautiful, stylish, environmentally-friendly roof that adds structural and architectural value and also saves you time and money by combining installation steps during construction.

Home Energy can also install standard solar modules on your metal roof using non-penetrating mounts designed for standing seam metal roofs. Solar electric systems and metal roofs can be used on both new construction and existing homes and buildings at a great value with long lives - 30-50 years each!

Let us show you how you can make the most of these amazing values, saving energy and producing it! And you can receive a $1500+ credit on your next roof and a 30% tax credit on your solar system! Plus your state and utility may offer additional incentives! Visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewable & Efficiency (DSIRE) for complete State and Federal information!


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